This project is no longer supported. As of fall 2017, VDOT now has its own open data resources for you!

VDOT Traffic Volume datasets

VDOT Traffic Volume webapp

Each year, the Virginia Department of Transportation publishes traffic data for each locality in the Commonwealth. This data is incredibly useful and interesting, especially in heavy growth areas like Central Virginia. This resource takes the data from 2008-2015 and places it into a searchable and filterable table. We also have aggregated all of the years together so one does not need to open eight spreadsheets to analyze data over time.

The data provided comes precisely from the Virginia Department of Transportation. Smart Cville has simply developed this tool to allow for easier viewing, searching, and filtering of this data.

We believe this data that VDOT provides is tremendously valuable to businesses, citizens, and municipalities. We hope that this tool makes the data more useful to those seeking to use it.

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