Data notes

The data provided by this tool comes from VDOT. If you have questions about the quality of this data, we first recommend that you review the full data set on the VDOT site (or a dataset that includes the quality scores below). VDOT gives each of its traffic estimates a quality grade and it's worth looking into if you're interested. We have chosen to omit these quality scores, along with other fields, on this tool for clarity. We do, however, make the entire dataset available to you below for download as a CSV. In some cases, VDOT was unable to collect data and the data fields are empty. Also, Albemarle County roads are not reported on as frequently. We've removed duplicate records for roads if no new data was included. Again, to view the entire set you can use the link below. Additionally, we've converted all data dates to display only the year. This is consistent with how VDOT is reporting in its most recent reports, however, you can view the granular detail in the verbose dataset below.

Data definitions (from VDOT):

Length: Length of the traffic segment in miles.
Daily traffic: The estimate of typical daily traffic on a road segment for all days of the week (known as Annual Average Daily Traffic in the initial set).
Weekday trafficThe estimate of typical traffic over the period of one year for the days between Monday through Thursday inclusive (known as Average Annual Weekday Traffic in the initial set).
Direction factor: The estimate of the portion of the traffic volume traveling in the peak direction during the peak hour.


Download verbose dataset including quality scores and duplicates (csv)
Download the modified dataset - as displayed (csv)
You can also download the entire set or filtered results using the CSV/Excel buttons at the bottom of the table.