Where can I find the original, complete source for this data?

VDOT is the source of this data. You can download jurisdiction reports individually there.

Who would care about this data?

Other than nosy and curious citizens? Lots of people: local businesses, potential businesses, homebuyers, local governments, neighborhood associations, etc.

What is the accuracy of these measures?

VDOT explains the measures and assigns each a "quality" factor.

Why this tool?

This is an easy way for us to extract more value from prexisting public data. While this data exists, it's only available in spreadsheet and PDF format. Data is also only available year-by-year and by individual jurisdiction. There is a year-by-year report for all primary roads in the state, however.

Why do I see blanks?

In some cases, VDOT was unable to collect certain data.

What is the 02 mean in some road names?

02 is the jurisdiction designation for Albemarle County used by VDOT. 02-616 would be Route 616 in Albemarle County. A search for 616 or 02-616 should get you results for state route 616.

What does the "start to end" column represent?

These routes are the cross streets that further define the data from the "route". For example, when you see US 250, it is broken down into multiple segments like the 0.27 mile stretch from McIntire Rd to Park St.

Why does Albemarle County data seem less complete?

The county report explains this clearly: "Many of the road segments in this program are local secondary roads. The amount and detail of data collected on these roads are not as great as the data collected on higher volume roads. The vehicle classification, average weekday traffic volumes, and the theoretical design hour traffic volumes are not calculated for these roads. The publications indicate “NA” for the information that is not available."

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